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Replacing your Engine?

Here are some helpful resources to help replace your engine with a reliable, long-lasting Briggs & Stratton engine. If you need additional assistance, fill out the form below to have a certified technician contact you.

If replacing a Briggs & Stratton® engine with another Briggs & Stratton engine, use the original engine’s model and type numbers to assure the correct replacement. If replacing another brand of engine with a Briggs & Stratton engine, let the engine size and features of the original engine, plus the expected work cycle, guide you in selecting the correct replacement. Also consider the factors below:


Match the engine’s performance and cost to your specific application to get the optimum performance at an affordable price. That means better value for you.

  • Vanguard™ OHV (overhead valve) engines are maximum performance, cast iron sleeved engines. Select for continuous heavy duty applications.
  • Professional Series™, Commercial Series (Industrial/Commercial) engines are cast iron sleeved. Select for medium duty commercial, industrial and rental use.
  • Intek™ and Powerbuilt™ engines are aluminum cylinder bore OHV engines. Select for general consumer use.
  • Standard engines are aluminum cylinder bore, side valve engines. Select for general consumer use.


It is important to maintain the original engine’s size, starter type and position, fuel tank location, fuel line routing, muffler location, exhaust direction and muffler accessories (i.e., deflector, spark arrester, etc.). Reinstall all guards, shields and safety devices. Replace missing, worn or damaged parts

3. Horizontal Crankshaft Engines

Compare the overall engine size to avoid possible mounting interference

  • Match the crankshaft
    1. A - Diameter
    2. B - Height (distance from base to crankshaft center line)
    3. C - Length (distance from oil seal/cover’s mounting face to end of crankshaft)
  • Match the crankshaft type, i.e., keyway, tapered or threaded
  • Match the crankcase cover’s tapped holes for mounting accessories (if applicable)
  • Match the base mounting dimensions and bolt hole spacing

4. Vertical Crankshaft Engines

Compare the overall engine size to avoid possible mounting interference

  • Match the crankshaft
    1. A - Starter grip position
    2. B - Diameter
    3. C - Keyway type
    4. D - Length (distance from mounting face of sump - not oil seal - to end of crankshaft)
  • Match the mounting base dimensions and bolt hole spacing

WARNING: Briggs & Stratton® engines are not designed for and are not to be used to power: fun-karts; go-karts; children’s, recreational, or sport all-terrain vehicles (ATVs); motorbikes; hovercraft; aircraft products; or vehicles used in competitive events not sanctioned by Briggs & Stratton. For information about competitive racing products, see For use with utility and side-by-side ATVs, please contact Briggs & Stratton Engine Application Center, 1-866-927-3349. Improper engine application may result in serious injury or death.


To replace your engine, fill out the form below and an engine expert will contact you. For help with other replacement parts, use our contact form. If you are located outside the United States please find your nearest dealer in our Dealer Locator.


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