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OEP Oregon Mower Blade

MPN: 396-726

$ 23.58 $ 24.21
  • Genuine OEM Oregon Product
  • Replacement part for Lawnmower
  • Fits Multiple Bobcat: 32022,32022HD,WM132022,32022A, Exmark 1-303495,1-633482,1-633485,103-1578,103-1578-S,1-303146,103-2508-S,103-2528,103-6337-S,103-6580,103-6580-S,103-6582,103-6582-B,103-6582-M,103-6582-S,103-6584,103-6584-B,103-6584-M,103-6584-S,116-5176-S,303283,303527,633482,633484,633485,E633482,E633485,103-2518,1-633484,103-2508,1-303527,1-303283, Ferris: 21227S,481711,5021227,5021227S,5021227X2,5101756S,5101756X2,5103304S,5103304X2,A48185, Husqvarna: 100341,101485,539100341,539101485,539105712, John Deere: AM104490,PT8721,TCU29188,TCU29869,TCU35393,TCU37208, Scag: 48108,481707,481711,48185,482462,482878,482961, Simplicity: 1756152SYP,5101756S,5103304SYP,A48185,1756152AYP,5101756SYP, Snapper: 1756152SYP,5101756S,5101756SYP,5101756X2,5103304S,5103304SYP,5103304X2,7017037,17037,7075751BMA,7075751BZ,7075751BZYP,7076450,7077344,76450,77344,7075751
  • 0.25" height, 3" width; 3.52 lbs
The Oregon® Gator® G6™ lawn mower blade is enhanced with carbide. This heavy duty blade is designed for commercial applications and built to withstand rough conditions with top performance and longevity.
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